Cabin Sanitation

Cabin Sanitation

Extensive cleaning of the entire cabin interior is carried out, focusing on the removal of harmful substances from the bulkheads, floors, bunks, bedding and heads/toilets, which can be carried out in-situ offshore.

Special attention is directed towards the mattresses, as this is where many organisms accumulate and breed. In many instances, mattresses are replaced with custom-fitted, heavy-duty, fire-retardant mattresses.

• Bulkheads, deckheads & carpets
• Showers & toilets
• Recreation areas/TV lounges
• All galley appliances & surfaces
• Dry goods store & freezer/chiller

Steam Cleaning

Revolutionary steam cleaning system sets new hygiene standards!

Offshore vessels are a haven for pathogenic bacteria, fungi and other harmful micro-organisms - many of which are, increasingly, showing signs of chemical resistance. In order to combat the risk of infectious diseases, OSS uses the most effective, hygienic form of elimination and sterilisation available: dry steam vapour.

OSS favours a high-end, industrial steam vapour device, supplied by a top UK- based manufacturer of decontamination equipment. The device delivers a controlled application of superheated, dry, steam vapour via purpose-designed delivery tools and accessories - to quickly dry-clean, and sanitise a wide range of surfaces, including plastic laminate, stainless steel, vinyl and wood.

Guaranteed to eliminate 99.99% of hazardous extracted germs and other bio- contamination, dry vapour steam cleaning also combats mould, and kills dust mites in carpets, bedding and upholstery, providing a spotlessly clean, hygienic atmosphere.



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