Offshore Pest Control

Offshore Pest Control

One of the many problems associated with offshore living is pests. Some are merely a minor irritation (such as bedbugs), while others can have a more serious impact on human health by spreading diseases, making effective pest control a significant community concern. However, the methods used must be assessed in terms of minimising impact on crew members and day-to-day operations.

Effective pest management requires sound knowledge about the pest, its habitat, and its habits. While various forms of elimination are available, OSS has excellent experience in this field. We favour sanitation and mechanical methods of treatment and prevention (such as vacuuming, removing or sealing areas where pests lurk and breed).

A thorough cleaning may need to be done more than once to properly exterminate all traces of the infestation.

We offer:

• Air purification system
• Deep sanitation of common areas
• Application of short-term control – chemical application
• Introduction of long-term elimination – growth regulators
• Advice on sanitation practices
• Certificate issued



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