Smoking Rooms & Odour Elimination

Smoking Rooms & Odour Elimination

In the offshore environment, cigarette smoking is virtually an occupational hazard. Unfortunately, smoking is also a malodorous and potentially lethal habit, not only for smokers themselves, but for those around them - because the combination of poisonous gases, liquids and breathable particles in second-hand smoke is harmful to your health.

OSS supply, install and maintain air purification systems that will cleanse the muggy, stale air; eliminate unpleasant odours and restore a fresh smell to even the most closed and pungent environments - including smoking rooms, cold storage, change rooms, dry goods, and the entire ducting system.

All work can be carried out in-situ offshore!

• The purification system is centrally installed
• Smoke and unpleasant odours are permanently removed - within minutes of installation
• Odour-causing particles are destroyed, and air is simultaneously sterilised (Proven via stringent laboratory testing)
• No spraying, unit top-ups, or monitoring is involved - the system simply requires an electrical circuit, to work 24/7, instantaneously
• The unit has been used with 100% success in sewerage treatment plants, abattoirs, smoking rooms, hospitals, hotels, kitchens, and a range of similar environments



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