Lagging, Insulation & Cladding

Lagging, Insulation & Cladding

Extreme temperatures and a constant vibrating environment, cause lagging components to degenerate structurally over time and require proper replacement. On occasion, lagging is also removed out of necessity, to make space for improvements, repairs to equipment and access. Be it lagging for temperature insulation, replacement of cladding, or the demand for new cladding, our products are rated beyond the 1000-degree Celsius mark.

Common applications include the lagging of hot service pipes for equipment and personnel protection and for energy conservation and heat shielding around diesel engine exhaust systems. These products are also ideally suited for fabrication into turbine insulation mattresses, as well as the insulation of exhaust ducts on gas turbine propulsion systems and on combined heat and power units.

The presence of diverse skills and expertise in the field of insulation enables OSS to intervene and offer a wide range of services to our clients: Thermal insulation from -20° C to 1000° C for ducts or equipment with isolating pipes to prevent energy loss.

We utilize these benefits on the following networks:

• Exhaust systems
• Networks of ice water (6°C, 12°C, 20°C)
• HP-LP steam systems
• Ventilation ducts
• Networks of various fluids (oil, air, hot water, etc.)

We assist you on your projects, with encompassing benefits, including:

• Manufacturing plans & sketches
• On-site facilities & maintenance
• Mechanical protection with formed sheet metal isoxale
• Epoxy polyester resin

Areas of insulation covered:

• Fire insulation:
- Supply, installation and maintenance of fire materials, ensuring their integrity
• Thermal insulation:
- Supply, installation and maintenance of materials, providing thermal stresses
• Sound insulation:
- Soundproofing
• Supply, installation and maintenance of materials, providing sound absorption

Lagging, insulation and cladding solutions:

• Bandage, rope, bags lagging with top temperature ratings

• All jobs are treated as custom and performed on site

• Insulation for 1000 degrees C, zero and minus temperatures

• Synthetic and metal cladding for all surfaces & panels

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